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New MPPA Logo

Danny Mays | Published on 5/3/2024

Over the past several months, I have reflected on the mission of The Maryland Public Purchasing Association (MPPA) and whether our marketing and brand identity accurately reflect our values. As a dynamic professional organization dedicated to procurement, we serve a diverse membership across Maryland, from various public sectors. We stand as part of the larger National Institute of Governmental Purchasing (NIGP), embodying the inclusivity and diversity of Maryland’s procurement experts and connecting with over 70 chapters across North America and beyond.

Our dedication to our members’ professional growth is unwavering. We provide educational resources, networking opportunities, and a forum for innovative ideas. Membership grants access to numerous benefits, including events, training, certification programs, and a comprehensive document library that serves as a wellspring of knowledge for the procurement profession.

Therefore, I am excited to unveil a proposed new MPPA logo. With its contemporary design and enhanced functionality, this logo better represents our dedication and professionalism, thereby strengthening our brand identity and recognition.

The new logo aims to be:

  • Bold – Its strong typography and lines are designed to capture attention and be memorable.
  • Recognizable—The logo's unique shapes and forms make it identifiable at a glance or when scaled down.
  • Versatile – It shows well in multiple formats and applications, ensuring consistent branding across all mediums.
  • Reflective of Maryland and Procurement – It incorporates elements of Maryland’s heritage and the procurement profession.
  • Aligned with NIGP Brand Standards – It complements NIGP branding, reinforcing our connection to the parent organization.

This fresh logo symbolizes the spirit of Maryland's procurement community. It stands out in today's diverse media environment while honoring the MPPA and NIGP's heritage. It signifies a new era for the association, one that heralds growth, modernity, and a dynamic future for the procurement profession.

The new design retains the proud Maryland flag and colors, featuring a shield that symbolizes our protective role in ensuring transparency and fairness (and, let's be honest, sometimes protecting our internal stakeholders and our entities from themselves). The swoosh and its negative space represent the complex, nuanced decisions we navigate in our profession.

Thank you for your engagement, and I look forward to our continued collaboration.


Maryland Public Purchasing Assoc

The Maryland Public Purchasing Association, Inc. (MPPA) is a professional organization comprised of over 300 procurement professionals throughout the State. MPPA, Inc. members represent various public purchasing entities including the federal government, state, cities, counties, colleges and universities, libraries, hospitals, commissions and other public agencies. MPPA, Inc. is the local chapter of the National Institute of Governmental Purchasing (NIGP), which has over 70 chapters in the United States, Canada, and internationally.

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